Monday, April 4, 2011

New Life

Things are changing!!! Justin has started a new shift working days 6am-6pm. Ashlyn started a Mother's Day Out program today and I have gone back to work more in the store. We are so excited to start living a normal family life...especially since Daddy will be home!

The pictures are from Emily and Kiki's visit here last weekend. We had Babe's, visited Sandy Lake Park and celebrated Misty and Christy's birthday at The Melting Pot.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Ashlyn Turns One

It seems like I am always trying to catch up on here! The time sure does fly. Well, my sweet Ashlyn Rose turned one on Sunday, March 13th. The week of her birthday we had the following in our house: strep throat, flu, stomach flu x2, sinus infection, double ear infection and finished it off with supposed fifth's disease on Monday before Abby Grace's surgery on Tuesday. GEEZ!!!

Mimi, Deda, Brad, Brandy and Tanner traveled from Louisiana for Ashlyn's first birthday party. We invited lots of friends and celebrated at Papa & Gigi's house. We had the ladybug theme with everything red and was so cute. It was a beautiful day so all of the kids were able to play outside with their ladybug bubbles. We had coloring and WII dance inside...even the adults played. Ashlyn loved her cake and somehow didn't get a drop on her cute ladybug outfit. She got tons of presents. She loved her new swing for the yard and her picnic basket...we put everything in, she takes everything out! I was so excited about all of her new clothes!!

Ashlyn is my spunky child. She is walking everywhere...started several weeks ago. She says "mama", "dada", "papa", "gigi", "maw-maw", "nah-nah" (Abby Grace), "night-night", "bottle", "no", "stop", "snack", "bath" and "hey". Ashlyn is eating mostly all big girl food, but still wants her milk in a bottle. Ashlyn loves her bath and going outside. She is so loving towards all her stuffed animals. She wears size 12 months and some 18 month clothes and size 3 diapers. She weighs 21.5 pounds. Ashlyn sleeps from 8pm-7:30am and still takes two naps during the day.

After Ashlyn's birthday, we kept Mimi and sent Deda home with Brad and Brandy. Abby Grace's surgery and recovery has not been easy, but she has been so big. It has been nice having Mimi here since Justin has been working. Papa & Gigi have been a big help too. We are hoping that Abby Grace will not get sick as often after her surgery.

Love to you all!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Bieber Fever

I took Abby Grace to see the new Justin Bieber movie for Valentine's Day! Whoa...I've got the fever...the BIEBER FEVER!!!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Ashlyn Rose - 11 months old!

Ashlyn is eleven months old today. She barely fits into her size 12 clothes and size three diapers. She is eating mostly all adult food...her favorites are grilled chicken, green beans, grilled cheese, mac and cheese, strawberries, grapes, biscuits, eggs, sweet potato fries and cheerios. Ashlyn says, "dada", "mama", "stop", "no-no", "nah-nah" (Abby Grace), "boble" (bottle), "bath", "brush", and "hey"! She has just started take three or four steps before crashing. Ashlyn loves her bath time and watching me and Abby Grace play WII. Her favorite toys are stuffed animals. She loves the minnie mouse Abby Grace gave her for Valentine's Day last night.

Saturday, February 12, 2011


Wow! I have been home alot lately, but things have been crazy! We have missed so much school. Abby Grace missed three days from the flu and five days from snow!

Funny story: Justin was tickling Abby Grace the other night and she hollared, "Daddy stop or mommy will be cleaning up pearls!" We finally figured out that she learned the word "hurl" at school and thought they said "pearls". So she thought that she was going to throw up pearls and I would clean it up! :) So Funny!!!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Girls Weekend!!

First, let me thank my wonderful hubby for taking such great care of my babies so I could go and enjoy a weekend with my friends. After meeting and loving on my sweet new cousin, I left to go on a quick weekend trip with my girls: Caroline, Emily and Kiki. So here is a brief overview: Johnny's Pizza, Albritton's Cake, Cheesecake Bistro, Games, Massage, Shopping, Superior, Pedicure, Miss America, Fuddruckers & Cheesecake. We had lots of fun and got to really relax. It will definately be an annual event!

Welcome to my cousin, Tanner Jay Warden

Tanner Jay Warden made his entrance into this world last week on 1-11-11. Brad & Brandy were due the first of February, but Tanner decided he didn't want to wait. Brandy's water broke on Monday night (1-10) and she was in labor until his birth later on Tuesday afternoon. Mom flew out on the first flight and made it in on Tuesday night. I left right after work on Thursday and went straight to meet him since they had gotten out of the hospital that afternoon. He is doing fabulous and we can't wait to see him again. PS- don't tell Abby Grace that I have already seen him! :)